2010-10-03 with AKioki Mix

Playground Radio Show
On Radio ‘Studio B’, Belgrade, Serbia
Airs every Sunday, from 16-18 CET


—————– Part 1————————
Ahu – To: Love
Fat Freddy’s – Big BW (Butterfish Black Remix)
Diesler – Change -Trust feat. Stee Downes
Diesler – Deepest Cuba
Galaxy Group – Afrodiziak (Afrodiziak)
J.A.M Feat. José James – L.O.V.E.J.A.M.
Kay Suzuki – music (feat. babacarr dieng & jally kebba susso)
Kay Suzuki – journey sublime (feat. colonel red)
Maddslinky – Special (Atjazz Remix)
Download Part 1
———————— Part 2: AKioki Merci Marcy Mix ————————
Hatikvah – Big Mind /Soma
Smirk & Wolf + Lamb – You Will Find (Zev Remix) /Wolf+Lamb vs.
Boohgaloo Zoo – Testify (Soulphiction Drum Mix) /Lovemonk
Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos – Sedara /Mothership
Jimmy Edgar – Function Of Your Love /K7
Michael J Collins – You Washed Away My Faith (Gadi Mizrahi Remix) /Wolf+Lamb
Ilija Rudman – Time and Time (Michael J Collins Remix) /Electric Minds
Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond /Epic
Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves The Day (Soul Clap Remix) /Needwant
Arto Mwambe – M.T.A.I /Live at Robert Johnson
Rick Poppa Howard – About Fourteen (Remix) /Rush Hour
Navbox – He Likes You Too /FreE.P. (it’s free!)
Ron Deacon – Untitled B2 /Workshop
No Regular Play – Slide Away (Zev’s Summer Remix) /Wolf+Lamb
CJ Jeff and Thodoris Triantafillou – Power Over Nothing /Parquet
Axel Boman – Purple Drunk /Pampa
Dixie Yure – Disk That You Paint /Nordik Net
Download Part 2

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