2012-05-09 Nova Planet

Nova Planet Radio Show
On Radio ‘Rodon FM’ Serres, Greece
Airs every Wednesdays, from 17-19h (GTM+2)

Wednesday’s May the 9th live broadcast radio show did not saved because of a technical problem. So I recorded the show one more time, but this archive is speechless. In this show another one charming female listener asked me to attend to the studio, beloved Evangelia is a regular listener years now, I’m happy and thankful for being her soundtrack years now. In this show played a lot of instrumental hip hop/funk stuff, especially from Cold Busted artists like Mister T, Poldoore, Astro Raph, KSOZE, Liberty Klaud, Mojo Rising and stuff from Billa Quase, Mecca 83 and Cancelore TOGETHER with Poolside as Mark Hartmann’s recommendation and Beastie Boys as Paolo Belli recommendation, pay homage them. TRACK OF THE MONTH, the unreleased and exclusive ‘’Closer To Me’’ by Diventa’s Lazy Hammock, a lot of forthcoming summer Balearic teasers by Blank & Jones, John Daly, Sebastien Tellier, Brioski, Clap Rules and Sea Power & Change among others. Words are useless like the show is speechless, enjoy.

Part 1
Billa Quase – Ladies And Gentlemen
Cancelore – Supa Sunny – Panama Red
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Liberty Klaud – Slim Lounge – Cold Busted
KSOZE – Wobble Jazz (Vitamin D Re Edit) – Cold Busted
Lazy Hammock – Closer To Me – Diventa
Loopaland – On Sunset (Night Mix) – Peacelounge *
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Christos Fourkis – Heart Of The Sun
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Clap Rules – You Empty
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Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville – Record Makers
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Brioski – Last Day Here
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John Daly – Daybreak – Drumpoet Community
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Jussi Pekka – Discoshit – Moodsmusic
Donna Summer – Symphony Of Love
Part 2
Mecca 83 – D A Y B R E A K
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Jessica Lauren Four – White Mountain
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Josete Ordonez – Piedras y Rosas (Blank & Jones Balearic Chill Remix) – Soundcolors
Sea Power & Change – Strangefruit (Soft Rocks Remix)
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Blank & Jones – So Eivissa (Van Bellen Hypnotic Disco Mix) – Soundcolors
Mister T – Living Room – Cold Busted
Astro Raph – 2 People – Cold Busted
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Bottin – Sage Comme Une Image (Bottin Club Mix)
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Poolside – Do You Believe (Goldroom Remix)
Poldoore – Summer Sault – Cold Busted
Mojo Rising – You Dig – Cold Busted
Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Edit)
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live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ & http://www.rodonfm.com/ gtm + 2


* Taken from Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2

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