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Digest Music represents the independent worldwide radio shows. We delivered our view on the contemporary music scene that included genres like broken beat, house, hip-hop, modern funk, soul, swing & jazz, but never forgetting the old masters, the true originators.

The creation of our website (digestmusic.com) is inspired by the need to protect artists’ property rights, threatened by the ever growing trend of piratery, the illegal copying of artistic creations or inventions.

Perhaps because piratery is not strictly regulated and most of those who commit it don’t face any consequences, more and more consumers don’t take it seriously and are ready to perpetrate the same, not realizing they are contributing to a fast-spreading, disease-like trend.

As DJs, we are often asked to burn audio cds for free. The mention of property rights unfortunately makes most people laugh. Others are reluctant to buy music not knowing it beforehand. Well, this is what we re here for–to introduce plethora of great music to you, from which you can decide what to purchase. Art that we promote is refined, unique, independent and has a small audience. Such art suffers the most from piratery. We are supporting it by advertising it for free. How will you contribute?

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