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For all the hot cats out there…MR GOJU has the next big thing for you! – Parov Stelar

Love it !!! Just discovered Mr Goju about a month ago…and now i feel like I lived in a cave the last 25 years…. – Spiri, Hostel Costel

Hey Jugoslav, hope you never stop with migracije radio show and giving me the gratis inspirations. Thats what i m thinking since years everytime i download your mixes, this morning i simply had to tell you this- Adam, Germany

This mix just turned a really good day into a really great day. Mad love to Goju and all the artists / music in this mix.

From the funk to the thump, slammin. Goju’s pimp hand is mad strong. – dj abstract

One of my favorite DJs playing some of my favorite artists! – Danny Massure

This is an awesome collection of pearls that touches my SOUL deeeeply! tottally addicted. – Suonho

I just can’t get enough of this shit…There is no need to listen anything else since I found MrGoju.. thanx for doing your amazing music – Martin, Prague

‘Migrations’ the best radio show on the internet, along with ‘Solid Steel’.
Cheers ^^ – Jazzdoctor

Simply awesome, really hit the spot

this is such an excelent piece. it feels like i am walking through the most amazing night club ever. original mix, excelent rhythm, serious growth as an artist. congrats!!! – Luzvida, Argentina

Your stuff is just funking great all the time – you must eat sleep and sh*t music!

Awesome, really enjoyed the other carnival set and with a tracklisting like this it could’nt fail to live up to expectations.

Muy bueno! another awesome mix by goju, I loved the donde estas track, I remembered hearing it on buena vista social club and that, big ups to Omara Portunda and our Main Man Goju for bringing it to us =) – Gravisan, New Zeland

I listen regularly to your radio show and is great! I hope that you will long continue, so we can still listen to with friends. I work at a small cocktail bar in the center, and sets your music is one of the most popular .. Keep it up. – Milah, Prague

I’m such a keen fan of your radio show on Migrations, and look forward to every mix you out up. Thx man

i REALLY loved it. It changed my life for real
and i was like hmmm i have to thank whoever it is – Flora, Hungary

Once again: your show is THE show. Outstanding track collections everytime, perfectly matching the sound we love. I just wanted to let you know… 🙂
Keep on! – by Frohlocker

Without your radioshow I could not live anymore! 😉 cheers – andy

Listening in France !! One of the best radio show that i know. – Jean

I’m so greatful to have met you mate, you have opened a new world for me. It’s not easy to find this music anywhere – Mike, Lisboa, Portugal

Your last mix a very nice, actually, I just listen it and buy tracks after and not spend so much time on shop;) – Raymon Lazor

Awesome, has summer all over this mix. The perfect mix for outdoor barbecues and parties. A joy to listen to.

Enjoying migracije in gothenburg, sweden! keep up the good work! – Andreas Trygg

Great, eclectic and goody music.. – Massimiliano Sapienza

Fresh groovy sounds in the musical air of thessaloniki-Macedonia-Greece – dr Akis

Great show! I’ve been following you since more than 6 years now. Cheers! – Patricia Daract, Buenos Aires

Listening in California since 2004! – Jonathan Sheehan

Listening in the Czech Republic! The greatest music into a car, love it! – Lukas Kutak


Mr Goju is from Podgorica, Montenegro. He became obsessed with music since his early teenage days; it started with the first hits of testosterone. He is the person behind the Migrations Radio show, one of the first programs delivering a modern view for all contemporary styles, such as broken beat, house, modern funk, soul, swing & jazz, but never forgetting the old masters, the true originators.

The show gained international following and established connections with many radio stations, labels, and fans worldwide. He is playing regularly at his home town with a lot of gigs across Europe (Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia…). In the last couple of years he shared decks and organized events with Nightmares on Wax, Parov Stelar, Kraak & Smaak, Gilles Peterson, Kormac, Renegades of Jazz, just to mention few. 

On 2013, in order to celebrate 10 years of the radio show, he decided to found the Digest Music label.

The label captures perfectly the very essence of what Migrations has been about for a decade now. A constantly growing community of today’s jazz heads, starting from Montenegro as a radio show and becoming an international record label (it’s enough to take a look at the diverse nationality of the producers contributing to the label), which is now recognized all over Europe.

Whether it is broken beat (if it’s broken, don’t fix it!), soul, jazz, funk, disco.. We are going to be there! 

We live in the time of broken beats, people describing music as a product of industry, a pattern of predictable template prints. But how about: if it’s broken – don’t fix it then! Just sit back and enjoy the sounds. We cannot but admire soul, jazz, downtempo, funk (you name it!) artists that, dissonantly deviating from traditional sounds created new and exciting musical forms overwhelming the prospects of our industrial imagination. Bearing in mind the love of music of old masters and their influence on today’s music, we uncover releases bursting with motion, soulful, yet thoughtful and original, unpredictable in their rhythm and shape. Migrations Radio Show leads u to uncover the grooves that will take u there-to the vortex point of the breaking of the beats. 

Migrations Radio Show is broadcasted on:
Centar 987, Kragujevac (SRB) – Wednesday at 22h (GMT+1)
Canora Radio, Madrid (ES) – Thursday at 17h (GMT+1)
Radio Nula, Ljubljana (SLO) – Thursday at 20h (GMT+1)
Radio Sonar, Rome (IT) – Friday at 19:30h (GMT+1)
Instudio54, Sofia (BG) – Saturday at 14h (GMT+2)
Groove United, Lisbon (PT) – Saturday at 18h (GMT+2)
Radio Off (BL) – Sunday 20h-22h (GMT+1)
Radio Underground Sound, Vancouver (CA) – Sunday at 19h (PST) – Archive
Euronantes Radio, Nantes (FR) – Sunday at 21h (GMT+1)

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