Digest Music Vol. 2

title: Digest Music Vol. 2
artists: Nerub, Fresh Andy, Rocky Marsiano
released: 03/2013
format: Digital
support: JunoDownload | Bandcamp

Since that this year we celebrate 10 years of Migrations Radio Show we decided to collaborate with our friends and to release some nice songs.
Vol. 1 was with Mr Goju & Renegades of Jazz and Raymon Lazer Trio, while on Vol. 2 you can hear some nice groove from Nerub, Fresh Andy and Rocky Marsiano. From Cluj-Napoca to Vienna and all the way to Amsterdam!

1. Nerub is producer/beatmaker and DJ from Cluj-Napoca Romania who started experimenting with music when he was still in middle school. In his music you can hear the result of a continuous explo- ration of the posibilities that sound offers but fingerprinted by his own vision. He met with Mr Goju last month on their mutual gig in Cluj-Napoca. When Mr Goju heard "Optzerotrei" song and realised that Nerub didnt released it after 6years, Goju decided to do some- thing about it.

2. Fresh Andy is an passionate collector of music, over the last 10 years, which will continue to play a significant part in his life. Sub- jazz is something fresh for your personal amusement, which is nice laidback and deep sounding tune.

3. Rocky Marsiano is the instrumental side-project of the Portu- guese old school producer/MC/DJ D-Mars. The third album was produced in Amsterdam where D-Mars is now living. This is his con- tribution for 10 years of Migrations Radio Show compilation.

Thank you for reading all this.
Mr Goju / Migrations Radio Show
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