Digest Music Vol. 3

title: Digest Music Vol. 3
artists: Gacho Rejected, Rube, Loopez, Mr Bird
released: 06/2013
format Digital
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In order to celebrate 10 years of bringing jazz, latin and afro flavored beats and melodies to the ever-thirsty music lovers, Migrations Radio Show is releasing its 10th year anniversary compilation under the direction of the Montenegrin connoisseur of contemporary jazz, Mister Goju. The third part of this compilation is an EP of which all four tracks are unreleased exclusives.

The opening track of the EP is by the Greek soul-funk masters, Gacho Rejected. As the title suggests, we arrive right on the scene the first few seconds into the track. We are invited to investigate what fusion is through the magnifying glass of the Gacho boys: movie-scene like brass sounds over a swingy piano loop which then fade into smooth latin tunes, only to come back completed with riffs that add the final touch to the ”smoky big city” atmosphere. I can’t decide what gives me more goosebumps: the great way that the track builds and unfolds or the genious use of samples that make a well-known atmosphere umpredictable and twisted.

Rube, pioneer of electro-swing always manages to out do himself and also raise the bar for the fellow swing samplers no matter how worn-out the genre might seem sometimes. He proves this once again with Yeah Yeah Breaks, second track on the EP. Yeah Yeah Breaks builds up somewhat similar to Sur La Scene, as it sounds like different tracks mixed together really well. The first part has a bit of a rock’n’roll feeling to it with its drumrolls that tempt the listener into dancing, just like the looped vocals that remain unchanged throughout the whole track, keeping the different instrumental parts together. Then a ticking beat takes over and Rube also shows us his interpretation of latin infused sound. Finally, to the pleasure of those who fell in love with Rube’s production for the authentic big band feeling he delivers, he doesn’t forget to flash his swingy side at the end of the track.

The B side of the EP is definitely more chilled than the first two tracks. Loopez, the Uruguayan musician and producer contributes to the compitaion with Jesú, a pleasant mix of lovely latin breaks with surfer riffs on top. Then, with the final track by Lisbon-based producer Mr Bird, compiler Goju takes a step towards trip-hop, making sure that no stone is left unturned.

The EP captures perfectly the very essence of what Migrations has been about for a decade now. A constantly growing community of todays’ jazz heads, starting from Montenegro as a radio show and becoming an international record label (it’s enough to take a look at the diverse nationality of the producers contributing to the compilation) that’s now recognized all over Europe.

Thank you for reading all this.
Mr Goju / Migrations Radio Show
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