Digest Music Vol. 4

title: Digest Music Vol. 4
artists: Doctor Stereo, Azaxx, Sannan, Yomakomba
released: 09/2013 
format Digital
Support: JunoDownload

MrGoju has always believed his mission to bring forth new and exciting tunes that will get you on your toes, whether you are craving a fresh pot of morning coffee, or a glass of effortlessly dry martini, to hype up your tedious routine. Now, in the honor of the 10th Anniversary of our show, MrGoju is proudly presenting the 4th volume of the Digest Music Present series, featuring a modest compilation of four cerrypicked tunes from artists we have long been great admirers of.

This small addition will bring a pocketful of shakers to any collection, with Doctor Stereo’s cheerful vibe of the 50s mambo, or Azaxx’s groovy Gallic sophistication in bringing to the table a dense tropical atmosphere of Brazilian dancefloors, which, we must admit, both of these artists have done tremendously well. Not to forget the duo, Sandor and Nandor (a.k.a. Sannan), with their seemingly soft-shelled chillout and lounge feel, or Yomakomba’s rich instrumentations backed-up by some extraordinary skillful sampling. We are also very proud to notice that all of the artists express a unique strength of character and an overt determination in conforming to their undeniably acute artistic sense. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. Hope you enjoy. The digital edition will be exclusively available for download starting September 20st, 2013, on Juno Download. 

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