Digest Music Vol.1

Digest Music Presents
10 Years of Migrations Radio Show part 1

Mr Goju & Renegades of Jazz, Raymon Lazer Trio

 title: Digest Music Vol.1
artists: Mr Goju & Renegades Of Jazz, Raymon Lazer Trio
released: 03/2013 
format: Digital 
support: JunoDownload | Bandcamp

Since that this year is the 10th anniversary of Migrations Radio Show, we decided to collaborate with some artists and friends torelease some nice songs.

Mr Goju’s career started back in the 2001 with guitar based sound coming from pirate cds. He spent next few years exploring tha grooves as a drummer and a well known dj in his hometown’s club scene. Besides that he’s been working on Migrations Radio Show for last 6 years which gained international following and established connections with many radio stations, labels and fans worldwide. After 10 years of playing music – it’s time to go one step forward! Mr Goju and Renegades of Jazz met for DJing last spring in Montenegro where they teamed up to create a belting funk groove to delight your ears.
Montenegro based label, Digest Music is going even more international with its new release. The french have always had a recognizably unique and raw approach to jazz-influenced music, which makes their sound stand out in the time of bypassing music trends. Raymon Lazer Trio’s timeless sounding fresh groove, Lola is a perfect example of that. An impeccable blend of live instruments and samples, the track is a potential classic. Anouk Aimée’s voice (borrowed from a Jacques Demy movie) all through the tune makes it steamy and sexy, kind of reinforcing the stereotype the world has of the people of France, while Sami Fathi’s funky guitar riffs and Morgan Theze’s catchy saxophone playing will definitely get you dancing. Lola is also a great representation of what Digest Music stands for: finding the most interesting and promising upcoming aritsts who will help us define what “all that jazz” means in 2013. 

Vol. 1 is with Mr Goju & Renegades of Jazz and Raymon Lazer Trio, while on Vol. 2 you will hear some nice groove from Nerub, Fresh Andy and Rocky Marsiano. From Cluj-Napoca to Wiener Neustadt and all the way to Amsterdam! So stay tuned for more info.  You can buy this release at Junodownload or Bandcamp.

Thank you for reading all this.
Mr Goju / Migrations Radio Show
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