Kidboy – Disparate EP (12″ & Digital)




Artist: KIDBOY

Format : VINYL 12’’ / DIGITAL

Catalogue: JM-013


Vinyl Release: JUNE 20, 2011

Digital Release: JULY 1, 2011

Labelcode: 15027





Digital Tracklisting

1. Yo Me Voy De Aqui

2. The Culture (feat. Ohmega Watts)

3. Changüí De Manteca (feat. Julio Cesar Rodriguez)

4. A Moment To Think (feat. BluRum13)

5. Verbeneo

6. The Culture (Peruvian Mix)


Vinyl Tracklisting

A1 Yo Me Voy De Aqui

A2 Changüí De Manteca (feat. Julio Cesar Rodriguez)

B1 A Moment To Think (feat. BluRum13)

B2 The Culture (feat. Ohmega Watts)

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KIDBOY – DISPARATE EP (12" vinyl / digital)

Kidboy is an upcoming producer and versatile musician based in Granada who is always searching for a balance between organic and electronic sounds. On his debut EP he teams up with vocalists such as Ohmega Watts, BluRum13 and Julio Cesar Rodriguez and a bunch of excellent jazz musicians including pianist Juan Galiardo. Bored by too many monotonous releases out there Kidboy wanted to present a diverse EP – with percussive Broken Beats, heavy basslines sounds and Latin instrumentation on the one hand and very mellow and jazzy Hip Hop tracks on the other!

The EP starts off with Yo Me Voy De Aqui a progressive dj-tune filled with organic latin samples and an enormous sub bassline – one truly for the dancefloor! Also on the latin tip, Changüí De Manteca features cuban singer Julio Cesar Rodriguez on vocals and percussion, Cesar's Salad pianist Jo Junghanss on keys and Andrew Linch on sax on top of an energetic Broken Beat.

Kidboy - Disparate EP (12" & digital release) by Jazz & Milk

Eventually Kidboy takes you back into the 90's – the golden era of Hip Hop – with organic beats, jazz driven instrumentation and sophisticated rapping. The Culture features Ohmega Watts, a virtuoso rapper from the States who has released on Ubiquity and already worked with well-known acts such as Quantic, The Bamboos or Breakestra. A Moment To Think presents BluRum13, known for his project One Self with DJ Vadim and Yarah Bravo, who came to Granada to collaborate with Kidboy.


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