Radio Utopia – Algebra Of Delight

Most people traditionally say: the future lies in the outer space, by investigating strange new worlds. Some scientists were not willing to wait any longer, so they decided to fire a satellite into the orbit in order to broadcast non-stop music and lyrics into the universe. By a fluke RADIO UTOPIA became owner of this satellite and hold that an update was necessary. But what should be broadcast in order to give the aliens an understanding for our culture? It is easy to suspect: the vision of an ideal radio station, which self-explanatory plays only the most beautiful music.

At least this is the biggest wish of artists like JERKER KLUGE and DANIEL REGENBER and due to this crucial fact the new album Algebra Of Delight was recorded. The album convinces with excellent ideas realized on a very high production standard and featuring well known vocalists like BAJKA, YELENA and MARIA KAMUTZKI.

The use of many samples from traditional African music besides jazz, funk and soul adds a special organic warmth, that is seldom found in electronic or produced music.The producer´s rich jazz-background always shines through in all the compositions and lets them grow with every listening.




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